Looking for some spice to your tuna? Try our classic, flavorful tuna mixed with jalapeno peppers. Bring on the heat!

Tuna chunks with Jalapeños

Everyone’s favorite tuna! The rich flavor of the olive oil, along with its high Omega 3 content mix beautifully with the slightly salty taste of our La Sirena tuna, and its even higher levels of Omega 3 to create a flavor and health power house! A must have ingredient in every garden salad and more.

Nutrition (per serving)

Serving Size – 56g

(about 1/2 cup)

Servings per Container – 2

(Amount per serving)

Calories – 60

Calories from Fat – 5

Total Fat – 0.5g

% Daily Value – 1%

Saturated Fat – 0g

% Daily Value – 0%

Trans Fat – 0g

Cholesterol – 25mg

% Daily Value – 8%

Sodium – 280mg

% Daily Value – 12%

Total Carbohydrates – 0g

Dietary Fiber – 0g

Sugars – 0g

Protein – 13mg

Vitamin A – 0%

Vitamin C – 0%

Iron – 2%

Calcium – 0%

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