1- How to login (1:04)

3- How to get a Mock-up (1:13)

5- How to get a Sanitary Register (0:46)

7- How to access to the marketing calendars (0:52)

2- How to find a product (0:38)

4- How to find a label (0:48)

6- How to know what we sell (0:40)

8- How to logout (0:43)

Cómo hacer iniciar sesión.

1- Open alimentoslasirena.com

2- On the main menu open Community

3- Insert the user and password

4- Solve the security Capcha

How to find a product

1- Once you are loged-in go to La Sirena Team

2- On the dropdown menu, go to All products

3- Use the advanced search form if you want to sort by upc, country or product.

How to get a Mock-Up

1- En la página todos los productos, acceder al producto deseado

2- Una vez filtrado y con el producto en pantalla, hacer clic en él

3- Con el producto en pantalla, clic con botón derecho y guardar imagen como.

How to find a label

1-Open the product

2- Once it has been sorted, clic on it

3- On the product page, open the BOX icon

4- Open the  Etiquetas – Label folder

5- Search the label by Origin / Destiny

How to find a Sanitary Register

1- On All products page open a product

2- Once it has been sorted, clik on it

3- Open the BOX icon

4- Open the Registro Sanitario – S.Register folder

5- Search by Origin / Destiny

What we sell

We can do an advanced search, getting all products from an specific country or can size…

Use the advanced search form to get all what you want.

1- On All products page, select all fields you want to apply the filter.

2- Once it has beem selected, the search starts automatic

3- You can apply as much filters as you want

How to open the marketing calendars

1- Once you are loged-in, go to La Sirena Team, and open Marketing Calendars

2- Select the country you want to open

3- You will find all information about what we are going to do in terms of promotions

How to logout

1- If you are loged in, and you want to finish your session, go to community

2- Clic on Logout button located on the left side

*You can also logout cliking here