La Sirena – The Mermaid And Our Roots

Since 1918, La Sirena has been proud to serve our loyal customers all around the world who put their trust in our brand. Our convictions and passion for nature is our core focus, making us one of the best seafood companies today.

La Sirena was born in the early 1900’s during the sardine boom in California, when the benefits of sardines were discovered and the fish grew in popularity. Sardines were found to be a highly nutritious and affordable food for the troops in WWI, as they provide a rich oil high in Omega 3, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D. They are also very high in vitamin B12 as well as protein, making sardines a great source of energy. While these modest little fish provided nourishment for the brave soldiers during the First World War, many sardine canneries began opening to meet high product demand along the coast of Monterey, California.

Over a 100 years later, La Sirena carefully selects and processes their products distributed worldwide, offering highly nutritious food sources to families on every continent.

Our Values – Actions Speak Louder

Our mermaid tends to blush when you ask her to talk about all the good things we believe in – talk is cheap. There are many companies who gloat about their commitments to sustainability and production of healthy foods. But when it really comes to making the world a better place, we believe that actions speak louder than words.

Our actions include ensuring that the fish we source comes strictly from fishing partners that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to protecting sea life for future generations. This commitment eclipses the seafood we bring to your table; it extends to protect and foster the marine life that all share the great ocean ecosystem. That’s why our tuna is certified Dolphin Safe. We are also proud members of Earth Island Institute, an environmental organization dedicated to protecting our planet.

Our Legend

Once upon a time, on a starry night, there was a small ship swaying slowly near the mysterious Fortunate Isles (Isles of the Blessed). A light breeze blew, caressing the salty beard of a good man who was patiently waiting for his fishnets to be loaded with life.

On the deck, the fisherman dreamed of finding better fortune as his eyes followed the streak of whiteness that the moon drew on the sea. He was dismayed by tales of brave fishermen who were seduced by the streak of moonlight, never to return home again.

According to legend, there was a group of islands at the end of that luminous white streak under the spell of beautiful mermaids. Their long hair flowed with the waves; their voices were sweet, but yet so powerful that the stars fainted at the sound. The weather there was splendid all year round – savory delicacies from land and sea made the isles a special place.

That night, the fisherman begged the heavens that he would return to port with a full haul. The thought of reuniting to his 4 children and his wife’s warm embrace gave him the strength he needed to patiently wait for the fish he yearned for. Suddenly, an exquisite fragrance caught the fisherman off guard. By instinct, he jumped towards the wind, the fragrance filling his lungs, witnessing a cluster of stars falling from the sky forming a beautiful crown around his old barge.

His heart was beating so fast he thought about jumping overboard, thinking this wondrous frenzy was a joke Morpheus, the god of dreams, was playing on him. At that moment, a beautiful mermaid emerged from the water, transforming the perfume into a chant that enticed him to set sail towards the Fortunate Isles (Isles of the Blessed).

Although the fisherman was in a daze, unable to utter a word, his heart told him he must follow this beautiful creature. During the journey the man was told that the mermaids would promise to share the riches of the sea surrounding the Fortunate Isles (Isles of the Blessed), describing a paradise bearing love, truth, liberty, compassion and forgiveness.

At dawn, the fisherman returned to port with a ship as big as a castle, carrying trunks loaded with mother of pearl, and jewelry boxes with the most delicious fish anyone had ever tasted.

And this is how LA SIRENA was born, sharing the most exquisite sardine and savory tuna fish in small metal chests that nurtures life all around the world since 1918. Every bite of LA SIRENA fish honors the memory of the fisherman at the Fortunate Isles (Isles of the Blessed) who inherited the richness of this mermaids’ paradise.


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